Product of the artist’s work can be purchased on Etsy here. For those in the Asheville area, the artist offers a 20% discount to all service and/or retail purchases over $100 for GoLocal card holders. The artist is available for jobs both large and small, including but not limited to poster design, menu and editorial design, fine illustration, commissioned painting, public murals and signage.



Inventory is made of things that can be easily collected. “Original Drawings” are the original drawings that source the books, prints, stencils and continued interpretations that manifest the artist’s work, sold as is at varying degrees of formality. “Digital Prints” are color, digital prints of original drawings. “Small Books” are limitedly-run publications collecting reproductions of the artist’s original drawing and prose. “Spray Paintings” are paintings made with spray paint and hand-cut stencils, reproduced by hand one at a time. “T-Shirts” are hand tied ‘n dyed, hand-cut stenciled and spray painted t-shirts, produced by hand one at a time, often involving more dominant extensions of popular culture.