The artist can be reached at nathanaelroney ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com.  He can be followed on Instagram here.


The artist’s name is Nathanael Roney. He is a full-time pedestrian, holding home and studio in Asheville, NC, USA. The majority of his work begins with a choice and then a black-line drawing. Should the image find greater application, it is colored and scaled to larger, more job-particular formats. He predominately uses the pen, paper, print shops and paint.  He often uses language of his own to produce a common tone. He has rhymed his words. Available for jobs both large and small, he’s gathered most of his experience in poster and editorial design, fine illustration, commissioned painting, public muraling and both interpretive and/or formal typography and signage. Photos by Max Cooper / Family Archive


The artist values much of his work by the principles it sustains — an actively inefficient process, an absolute joy for its material and content, and the subsequent personhood the work inherently conforms its creator to. Making his work his living — about it, rather than for it — but also for it — is what he works to uphold.  He believes in paper trails and quiet, self-centered journalism. He believes his perspective is important because he expects that of each and everyone. He understands that human purpose is the graduation from physical violence. He has a good pair of jeans he buys twice a year from a place on the other side of a giant road. He has yet to find a similar solution to footwear. Photos by William Roney / R. Brooke Priddy


The artist believes the entirety of the artist is the image. The artist knows to ask and then conclude the why, suggest a problem and solve it with design. Contour both sides of the line. Construct an argument for the relationship of its most genuine qualities, all the while expressing the chemistry of his own binds of principle. The artist also has a significant background and continued interest in publishing the printed page, including seven years experience designing the local weekly newspaper, Mountain Xpress, along with numerous small books, zines, papers and pamphlets under his own direction and author. Photos by Amanda Hency / Bill Rhodes