“Inside A Town With People” opened in October 2016 at Push Skateshop in Asheville, NC. It was a collective work. It was about class and taste. It pitted the creative lifestyle as the most prominent of human experiences. It was about comfort, and the compartmentalization of temptation, and the relationship that might have with justice, perspective and vanity, or the perversion of the get you through with the what you’re supposed to do. There were things of responsibility and what that had to do with pride.

“Technology can imprison the greater identity of the individual, beautifully wild dynamic conformed to a plate of singular consumption, fertile ground for insecurity, vanity and suspicion. It gorges itself in fantasy and lack of confirmation. Eating what’s bad for it, obsessively. Standing up for the right to control it, aggressively.”

One poster asks, “How do I vote for an affordable housing bond when I know the term affordable housing is just as negotiable as the touring interests it serves? How do I participate with confidence when public resource becomes an impossible smile for the hand-shaking few?”

Another warns, “They may pressure you into coming closer to the center, to collect stress and incorporate yourself to the vain, they may apply their ego-centric understanding to your own, with charges of naivety, immaturity and selfishness. Your pursuit of dignity may challenge their existential foundation.”

Contributing artists included DeWayne Barton, Max Cooper, Cyrus Glance, Ursula Gullow, Victor Palomino and Tim Skirven. Featured artists from my own private collection included David Abbott, Jack McCaslin, Joshua Powell and Travis Robertson.

DeWayne Barton conceived “The Terminator” just after the public shootings in Dallas, TX, July 2016, interpreting what became the first domestic police killing by robotic remote control.

“They say their pig slop is exclusive. Let ’em eat. Watch their white, frigid taste drag their bellies to the floor. Let it bend the back of their desire into fear and desperation. Let their rotting bodies re-feed the grounds of their unimaginative, corrupted institutions. The sadness of our return to the cycle by fire will be extraordinary.”

An original video featuring dialogue from the film Field Of Dreams was used to promote the show. You can watch it here.