Every once in a while, big great jobs come along. They’re big because they’re out for beauty, they’re great because they pay a justifying price. In the spring of 2016, the friends at City Real Estate asked me to paint the side of their London Road, South Asheville location with the contents of my direction. Above is the mock I used, refiguring a portrait I did for an ongoing series I pull from often.


The wall was a particularly good match for a neat and detailed painter. The surface was graveled brick with four rows of decorative relief, causing for multiple five-plane line drawing. In the heart of the live area were two windows and a few generations of immovable electrical infrastructure. After cruising through half a carpenter’s pencil in just a few lines, I went ahead and instead sketched the image with spray paint. This was the first time I drew with aerosol, and with any full-coverage project of the future, I will do the same.




As usual, my standard became the greatest challenge. Patience is collected from a combination of both submissive and resilient positioning. It also allows itself to forget. The sun is a great reminder of this.



Often, and in all due respect, I consider my work a contribution to a very loud and stupid planet. London Road serves as a connection from one neighborhood to another, perhaps from an entire idea to another. Our paths are free and common, just as they are abused and removed. I consider any opportunity to further suggest these spaces as a genuine privilege.